What Kind Of Staff Is Needed For An Event?

What Kind Of Staff Is Needed For An Event?

Organizing a corporate or live event alone is not easy. No matter how well-planned you are, the chances of failure are very high without helping hands. To make the event successful, you need a big team with different kinds of staff members. The members should have experience and a deeper understanding of their areas of expertise. This will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your event planning.

Just keep in mind that an event is not one thing, but a combination of different elements. If these elements are not handled properly, the result will not be as expected. 

Who should you hire for organizing an event?

Brand Ambassadors 

Brand Ambassadors are educated on your product/service and can speak on the behalf of the brand. They are specially hired for tradeshows or booth settings. As Brand Ambassadors know about your pitch, you can utilize their services on other programs in the future after hiring.

Travel Directors 

Travel Directors act as an extension of your professional event planner. Post-hiring, they can manage a multitude of conference components as they typically have 10+ years of experience. Other than this, Travel Directors guide through an array of problem-solving tasks, which include itineraries, meals, and more.

Street Teams 

Street Teams are considered “hype people”. They are very different from other people on the event planning team. You will get an energetic vibe with them as they are charismatic and energetic. The best part is that they don’t have a problem walking up to a stranger and handing them promotional material. The Street Teams are helpful for brand activation events and product launches.

Tradeshow Staff 

Tradeshow Staff members are very similar to Brand Ambassadors as they both are hired for handling a tradeshow. The only difference is that Tradeshow Staff doesn’t need training on your topic like Brand Ambassadors. They only need to know the talking points to represent your brand visually/personably. The role of Tradeshow Staff is to direct guests to sales representatives so they can receive the proper information.


To provide a unique aesthetic to your brand, models are hired. Models can help you and your brand through a fashion show, as a product demonstrator, or by roaming brand artwork and more. The only thing is how you position the models in an event.

General Event Staff 

As the name suggests, the General Event Staff handles all the general roles in an event. They provide the number of hands needed to do the necessary tasks. Some of the tasks that General Event Staff do are moving boxes of shipment, assisting with general setup, putting together registration bags, etc.

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