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Maintenance solution

We are a full-service in Maintenance covering up MEP and civil

Landscaping solutions

We are a full-service in civil landscape construction, landscape maintenance, sports turf and golf course management

Cleaning solutions


The best way to draw in both current and potential customers right away is to have a gleaming, shining, and immaculate corporate building. Your buildings’ exteriors might quickly get dull and dusty due to the harsh weather and bothersome sand. This means that if you wish to keep your home immaculate and prestigious amid the competition, you must invest in top-end cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi.


Our skilled and experienced staff members have undergone extensive training to perform challenging and even the most difficult building exterior cleaning for high-rise buildings in the city.


As one of the top office cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, we perform cleaning of the facades, glass wall panels, glass windows, claddings, roof, walls, signage, and possessions with expert accuracy and efficiency, and we do so in the best turnaround time and market-competitive costs.

Hospitality solutions


We are a full-service in Hospitality subject to water, waitress , cleaners, housekeeping , bell man, etc…

Pest control


We are a full-service in pest control

MEP services


Spectra Force Facility Management Services is one of the leading MEP service companies in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We specialize in Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) services which are combined with many years of experience.

We were able to collaborate with some of the top businesses in the sector because of our highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers, supervisors, and technicians. We complete projects of all sizes for industrial, residential, and commercial use.

We consistently pledge to provide the best possible service while upholding the finest HSE standards and deadline compliance. Our mission is to deliver services of the highest caliber while giving you the confidence that your work is being done skillfully and safely. Our ability to consistently question, challenge, and participate in moving Spectra Force into the future while providing unmatched service has been our core strength and the driving force behind our success.

Our services include:

1.         Electrical Works

Our electrical engineering team offers the ideal solution for lower energy usage and proper lighting distribution throughout the space. Apart from providing electrical labor suppliers to your company, we also provide you with electrical works thanks to our expert workforce. Spectra Force has a team of electrical experts who are in charge of overseeing all electrical-related tasks from beginning to end, including DB dressing, load schedule preparation, and drawing for proper approval from the authorities.

Spectra Force provides you with incredible electrical services to both Commercial and Residential clients. We adhere to all your standards and specifications while giving attention even to the tiniest details.

2.         Plumbing and Sanitary

With a team of skilled, reputable, and high-quality plumbers, Spectra Force Facilities Management Services provides plumbing and sanitary construction. We offer a skilled group of plumbers and experts who install fixtures as per the rules and regulations of the UAE.

Our skilled team offers the most affordable solutions for water and drainage systems as per the building codes and regulations, plumbing standards, and governmental authority regulations.

3.         Mechanical Services

We specialize in offering comprehensive mechanical services to the residential and commercial sectors. We have a reputation for being a highly trustworthy contractor for mechanical services such as valve, pump, and other rotational and electric equipment services, on-site machining & bolting, in-shop machining, heat treatment, piping, and other general mechanical services to help you in your daily activities.

AC and HVAC systems are brilliantly incorporated into the overall décor done by interior designers. Our well-managed strategy requires the interior design to be planned around AC/HVAC systems to properly interfere with possible light fixtures and other ceiling fixtures, as well as GI or PI ducting to control the flow & distribution of air.

4.         Fire Alarms and Fire Fighting

We also offer radio fire alarm systems, gas extinguishing systems, emergency lights, firefighting pumps, fire safety devices, fire and safety designs, firefighting layouts, and fire alarm layouts.

Additionally, we provide design, drawings, equipment sourcing and supply, testing, installation, and securing required permits from numerous governmental bodies and municipal authorities. We provide comprehensive Fire & Safety solutions for both residential and commercial structures. In addition to design and installation, we also sign yearly maintenance agreements.

5.         Painting Services

We are one of the top painting contractors in Abu Dhabi. Spectra Force offers painting services for both commercial and residential spaces. Start your new life towards a richly decorated home. Whether you have a Villa or Apartment, Hotel or Office or School, we paint for any arena.

Right from Wallpaper installation to Epoxy flooring to kitchen cabinets, we provide painting services anywhere, anytime in UAE.

6.         Maintenance Service

Spectra Force offers maintenance services all across Abu Dhabi, UAE. Whether your property is commercial, or residential with many units, we are bringing our top-notch, skilled maintenance service right to your door. We have qualified and licensed experts to deliver outstanding customer service.

We offer a variety of general services to meet your personal and commercial needs, including cleaning, technical support, inspections, emergency support, and more. In case of an emergency, you can contact us right immediately for assistance.

7.         Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Spectra Force installs heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems that improve energy economy and climate control by utilising the most recent technology and a carefully customized approach to design. We offer a full HVAC installation service, including new construction and renovations, with a flexible approach that enables each specialty to be performed separately or as part of an all-inclusive mechanical and electrical installation package.

Our firm’s policy is to take all necessary measures to protect the health and safety of people while they are at work, as well as to avoid causing harm to corporate property, the environment, or the general public as a whole. We are dedicated to making sure that personnel at all organizational levels are informed of HSE policies and goals.

To know how we work, call us today at +971 52340 8865 or email us at info@spectraforceuae.com.

Concierge services


We provide professional concierge for personal assistance or any other assistance services like household management, lifestyle management, transportation, travel and vacation planning, Etc…

Professional and certified lifeguard services


We provide certified lifeguards with first aid certificates .