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We Help Career Grow and Become Successful

Our Mission

To help organizations to find human assets, and individual talents to find a prolific organization.

About Us

The goal of Spectra Force is to offer both companies as well as job seekers efficient and effective HR services, such as staffing and manpower planning. Unload your worries to us. We will handle all the recruitment responsibilities. In order to help find the ideal fit in knowledge, aptitude, and personality, it is our responsibility as consultants to comprehend the demands of both our clients and job seekers.

In addition to receiving objective advice from our team of certified professionals, our clients also obtain side-by-side evaluations of the newest opportunities. Contact us right away to take start on attaining your employment objectives.

We are an officially registered firm in the UAE, and we adhere to all rules and regulations imposed by the UAE Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization. With years of experience in the human resource industry, Spectra Force has provided skilled and unskilled labor to hundreds of organizations across various industrial sectors in the UAE. Our objective is to offer all of our clients’ a high-quality manpower supply.

Our objectives


Our primary goal is to ensure that the manpower supply services we provide to each firm are specifically tailored to meet their workforce needs.

  • To provide a focused, adaptable, motivated, industrious, and ambitious staff capable of completing high-quality, cost-effective projects on time or before schedule.
  • To keep a long-lasting relationship with our clients by offering timely, high-quality labor supply services that meet their staffing requirements.
  • We are the go-to company in Abu Dhabi for all of your staffing needs.
  • We are the ideal manpower agency in Abu Dhabi and UAE to help you achieve your corporate objective.
  • Using our knowledge of personnel supply services, we can guarantee your success.
What sets us apart from others?


Here are some of the reasons why we are the top manpower company in Abu Dhabi.

  • A bunch of caring HR experts is on hand and prepared to offer a wide range of customized HR services, rapid responsiveness, and on-time deliverables, apart from premium products and services.
  • The distinctive approach to working with candidates, clients, and the HR industry at the highest level of professionalism, along with best practices, local market expertise, and real-world experience
  • You have a significant and trustworthy expert with Spectra Force for all of your company requirements.

The right manpower company in Abu Dhabi, UAE to meet your business goals

As experts in the field of manpower supply, we make sure that we do both our potential candidates and the companies we work with justice by providing them with the correct career guidance and the businesses we work with the productive and profitable workforce.

We place a priority on employee health and safety so that they may concentrate on their work.

Anyone who works for a company is required by UAE labor law to hold a current UAE employment visa. Depending on the requirements of the client, we will supply qualified labor on a temporary basis to a variety of businesses.

To ease the concerns of our client organizations, we will also take care of employee health insurance, workers’ compensation, housing, transportation, and food.

Companies only need to concentrate on their core strengths since we will handle the human resources aspect of their operations with the utmost professionalism while still supplying them with high-quality labor.

Feel free to contact us at +971 52340 8865 or email us at info@spectraforceuae.com

Our Vision

To be the most preferred platform for industrial clients to acquire talents for growth and for candidates to realize their professional dreams.

Our Major Market Segments

Offering the right combination of services for your facility and budget, our facility management solutions are designed to meet your needs.

Utilizing cost-effective maintenance regimes and innovative technologies and techniques, we reduce the need for reactive callouts, so your facility receives the best care possible while saving you time and maximizing the return on your investment.

Our team of experts is always available to assist you, whether you require a complete facility management solution or one-time maintenance. Starting with a free consultancy, we can help you determine the right solutions for your needs, so you can efficiently execute mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services, as well as cleaning, maintenance, hospitality, pest control, and many other areas.